Food, vegan and health

I just checked in to check (pun intended) the stats and comments on this site (there were only a few so, yes, I am a crackpot), and the title of this post shows the topics of the blogs WordPress recommends I check out.

Check in. Check out. Check. Sorry for the poor language today. I should check my mental health.

My crackpot theories are – fortunately – faring better than this blog. In terms of views, that is. Not too many reactions or comments.

I asked Phil Gibbs why he launched the new Vixrapedia encyclopedia, and why the format for submission of articles requires knowledge of HTML (for proper formatting). He says that encyclopedia is run by someone else. He didn’t say anything about HTML or LaTeX.

I should get into health, food and… Well… No. I am not going to go vegan. 🙂

To: Philip Gibbs
Subject: Crackpots and science…

By the way, I greatly admire your initiatives. It’s a delicate thing – but it is true that there is so much creativity outside of academia, and so the question is how to capture that. Basic knowledge of HTML or LaTeX to get your formulas in some online encyclopedia sounds like a reasonable threshold. I’ll check it out. Many thanks ! JL

To: Philip Gibbs
Subject: RE: Vixrapedia (2)

Thank you, Phil. Nice initiative. I am just thinking about inserting formulas and all that. It’s the single most important barrier for amateurs to self-publish or get their views out. We write all kinds of wonderful things – using Word and its formula editor – and then we’re confronted with Kindle formats (or similar primitive lay-outs that we have to respect) and… Well… End of story. We don’t bother anymore. :-/ Kind regards – JL

From: Philip Gibbs
Subject: Re: Vixrapedia (2)

Vixrapedia is run by someone else outside viXra. It works but dont expect information there to be reliable. It does not require HTML but you can include some HTML. Regards, Phil.

To: Philip Gibbs
Subject: Vixrapedia (2)

The format is a bit restrictive, isn’t it? I’d like to create or contribute to an article on the fine-structure constant but – from the form – I gather it needs to be submitted in HTML format. :-/ There are a lot of people like me – brilliant (OK – reasonably good, I should say) in some field – that would want to contribute but are scared away by HTML. You’ve got something going, though… Kind regards – Jean-Louis

To: Philip Gibbs
Subject: Vixrapedia …

What a brilliant idea ! The Wikipedia approach surely doesn’t work: so much nonsense there. But why would Vixrapedia work? 😊 JL


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