Storm Clouds Looming

20180627_180041 (1)I was working on other things while as if on purpose, I kept toggling over the word tab. The glaring white of the blank reminding me of my dereliction. My mind is not here today, it is thousands of miles away on the U.S./Mexico border. Utterly disgusted, dejected, furious, frustrated with the unbelievable and unrelenting flow of news these past weeks. A sickening wave of unbelievably heinous policies and characters tearing at the fabric of my beliefs. The retirement of Justice Kennedy the latest gut punch.

My friends are at home protesting the abhorrent immigration laws at the child encampment in Tornillo, involved in vital campaigns, volunteering to help mediating the frantic search to reunite mother and child. Oddly, my usual guilt-ridden self has been kept at bay. Instead there is a sense of relief that my hiatus includes a break from the collective sorrow of friends bemoaning the future. At least here I am surrounded by Mexicans lamenting their bleak future. While my stay here will most likely be temporary there is some solace in knowing that this is an excellent hideout from the madness that has become our reality.

How do you decide when to run and when to fight? It’s easy for me to make excuses for sitting on the sidelines and no one would question them or expect otherwise. Its an easy pass. For someone who was happiest in the trenches this new role as a voyeur is an adjustment. I’ll have to figure out new parameters for contributing because I know this is not the time to retreat and lick our wounds, there is too much at stake. After November, that may be another story.


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