Pushing the Reset Button

A lady I had never met told me today she loved living near the ocean, “when I am feeling sad I come to the  beach to cry. My tears wash away and I can get on with my life” she said pointing into the vastness of the Pacific. I’m not sure why she chose to share this with me but it makes perfect sense, our bodies need to release, purge, detox, whatever you want to call it, in order for our minds to be clear.

My new massage therapist/ spiritual advisor also had a long list of recommendations for releasing years of toxic buildup; liver detox, visit to a temascal, vegan food. But I rather like the idea of my tears swirling around in the ocean, riding the waves and colliding occasionally with similar sorrows abandoned by their previous owners.

This space is my place to detox, to shout out into the vastness of the internet, regardless of who is listening, perhaps colliding with other thoughts cast away by those with their own stories.



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