Mangos Make for a Great Day

Dear Albert,

I didn’t want to fail miserably on my first day of my latest blog journey so here it is 11:14 P. M. and I am making good on my promise to write. The highlight of my day was a trip to the market, the kind with narrow passageways brimming with intoxicating smells of fruit demanding to be eaten at once and the cacophony of people busily going about their day. I wanted one thing above others MANGOS! I greedily scarfed down two and came home more for tomorrow. That makes me happy!

The other interesting thing was a conversation with my massage therapist who told me I was too mental, that I needed to approach things with my heart as well. My massage was combination physical relief and impromptu counseling session. Her words continue to tumble around in my head. She elaborated that I needed to find outlets to express myself. While I came here in search of reviving my body I am routinely reminded the brain runs the show.
More tomorrow…..

Warmest wishes,



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