Here’s to Getting Up Once More…


20180619_144101 (1)Dear Albert,

Your letter was a great gift today. Of course, I always love hearing from you but in this last letter it is especially great to hear your resolve and optimism for the adventures in store. I have also been in a somewhat transitory state. I am occupying my latest perch on the 20th floor of a high-rise tower. My attention veers distractedly from the computer screen to the slate grey waters of the ocean outside my window, the dozens of people swimming, motoring and lounging about deliberately disregarding the looming storm.
I am also here in search of change, thinking perhaps a new country will provide two important variables in my life, motivation and mobility. As I write these words I realize how self-indulgent and snooty this all sounds. I am incredibly lucky that my family has allowed me to be such a priority, allocating resources and uprooting our lives, dog included for this two-month trial.

Your words not only serve as encouragement, they also serve as validation of my initial efforts. I have always struggled with the imposter syndrome, waiting for everyone to realize I am flying by the seat of my pants. My motto is more along the lines of “fake it to make it”. I hope these thoughts don’t also plague professionals with hard skills such as brain surgeons or plumbers.

While I am trying out new things I have decided to take a new approach to writing in this blog. I will pledge to write something every day. I don’t promise it will be pretty so bear with me. I know that in the short life of this blog you can read several inferences of that same sentiment. I look forward to propping each other up as we get up yet once more!


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