Getting down, and getting up

Dear Sophia—

You have been silent for too long now. Two months have passed since you wrote. What happened? This blog has a lot of followers now. You cannot let them down. 🙂

You’ll say: what happened to you? You have been silent too!

Yes. And for all of the wrong reasons, of course. In fact, I am ashamed to write about myself because, despite my resolve last month, I did not do a good job at starting anew. My happy Facebook posts cover up a year during which I did not manage to adapt to a new country and a new city; during which I found it hard to make new friends (none, actually); and during which I struggled with an identity crisis because of a lack of a structured job, which I made worse by what is now a full-blown alcohol addiction problem.

I will get out of this sorry state, for which I have only myself to blame. The possibilities were endless, and they still are, and there is no excuse for not taking advantage of them. Whomever we are, and wherever we are in life, we can always improve ourselves—and we should. My mom would have been 88 years old now, and I am still thinking about those last weeks with her. Despite her pain, and her readiness to die, she inspired us to the very last moment. In fact, her cheerful acceptance of the enormous suffering she went through probably goes a long way in explaining why she was inspiring us—rather than us inspiring her.

Your early posts reveal the same Force, Sophia. Please keep inspiring us !

As for me, today is a new day. It sounds funny, but the first real suit my mom had bought for me—as I was graduating from high school—was a brand called New Man. The label was sewn inside of the jacket, and had New Man’s commercial tagline: “Today is the first day of your life. Be a New Man!” I would always feel good when I put on that jacket

It is a modification of a quote that is attributed to Charles Dederich, the founder of a self-help community for drug abusers and alcoholics in California. He’d say: today is the first day of the rest of your life. So… Well… Yes. It is.

I got up this morning, looked at myself in the mirror, and I told myself: “Today is going to be a great day.” 🙂 I hope it’s going to be a great day for you too !

Warmest, Albert.


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