A new start?

Hey Sophia—I hope you have come out of your reclusiveness by now. I was not in a great state of mind – for too many weeks in a row, sadly. It’s been a year now since my mom passed away. While I know that’s not a great excuse to be silent and withdrawn (my mom surely wouldn’t want it this way), it is what it is.

What is it inside of us that keeps us from focusing on what we can do, as opposed to what we cannot – or do not want to do? Laziness? Not really. In my case, it’s a strange melancholy which I have a tendency of cultivating for all of the wrong reasons. I need to get out of the house! Or get out of the house more often, at least. 🙂


Where do you find the mental strength to keep moving, Sophia?

Last week I was on a week-long training. It focused on the skills one needs to survive when on mission in troubled countries. We learned how to detect threats, deal with emergencies, and what have you. One hour only was devoted to what – in my view – is probably the most important skill of all: how to bounce back from setbacks, trauma and stress by enhancing our personal resilience. It was quite self-evident: take care of yourself, be positive, try to find meaning and purpose, stay connected to others, etc. But… Well… That’s easy to say. It’s harder to practice. Today, I told myself I would make an earnest start with it. I’ll update you !

Take care, and keep inspiring us lesser mortals !

Yours, Albert.


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