New Friends

Dear Albert,

I was planning on writing to you with a recap of my morning, I was fitted for a new wheelchair (more on that later), however, after reading your letter my train of thought has shifted. Your words always resonate strongly with me. Your interaction with your children and the changing nature of relationships between us as parents has been on my mind as well. More so today after the horrific news of yet another school shooting. The images of those parents’ anguish as they desperately seek out their kids face in the crowd. I can’t even begin to imagine the terror they had to endure. My heart aches for them. The first thing I did was call my two kids, I am so grateful they answered.

I am 6 months into my life as a semi-empty nester. My 22-year-old still lives at home, at least I am pretty certain she does, and my son is away at college. This past January, I was also fortunate to be able to spend a week on holiday with them. It was our first adult family trip and it was fantastic! I got to spent time interacting with 2 grown people had great conversation, were adventurous and who I liked spending time with. I had made two new friends on that trip and our child/parent relationship had morphed. I don’t know about you but I like this stage much more.

At home this absence of kids has left a vacuum. Yes, there’s less noise, less laundry, less nagging but when it’s too silent I really miss having my kids at home. This lack of distraction leaves only you and your partner to seek out different means to fill that void. I have found we do have more time in the evenings for dinner with friends or a movie but the travel to exotic places is still on hold for now. I envision that this stage is a time to reinvent yourself. More “me” time. I’m not sure what this new, reinvented me will be like but I hope this blog will serve as a canvas to explore my possibilities.

I don’t want to sign off before telling you of my new chair because in many ways it is the tool that will allow me to seek out these new opportunities, whatever they may be. I have ordered a cherry red frame which I am still vacillating about. It’s like a tattoo, your stuck with it for a log time. Will I grow bored of the color? Will the red clash with my outfit? These are things you have to think about. More importantly, it will be made specifically for me. For anyone who has not spent time in a chair, all wheelchairs are not created equal. I am looking forward to a perfect fit!



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